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Car Rental in Turkey

Car Hire in Turkey

Turkey is an amazing transcontinental country that is rich in European and Asian cultures. Turkey has the best of everything for tourism. From picturesque coastal areas to extraordinary natural landscapes, hot springs and much more.

Just hire a car and enjoy a relaxing vacation in Turkey. You can observe the lifestyle of the people when you are driving in turkey. The way in which they maintain the perfect balance between traditions and modern life is striking.

When visiting Turkey, you can focus on covering some major regions like Istanbul, Region of Cappadocia, the capital Ankara, and Antalya.

Places to see when you rent a car in Turkey

Turkey has played a massive role in trading for decades now. This has largely influenced many diverse cultures to confluence in the country.

Here we enlist places you must definitely cover on your next trip to Turkey.

  • Istanbul

    Once the capital of Ottoman empires, this place will stun you with its monumental beauty. With your handy rental car, you can visit places like the iconic Hagia Sofia, The blue mosque, cruises on the ports through the Bosphorous strait, Dolmabahce Palace, and Suleymaniye Mosque to name a few.

  • Antalya

    For nature-lovers, the experience doesn’t get any better than in Antalya. Avail of AddCarRental’s easy rental services and drive stress-free to the Duden waterfalls. They are magnificent with volcanic mountains surrounding it.

    You can spend quality time on your holiday when you rent a car in Antalya at the “Antalya aquarium”. This is one of the most famous and also the longest tunnel aquarium in the world.

  • Cappadocia

    One of the major reasons why many people love to visit this place is to enjoy the hot air balloon ride overviewing the astonishing results of volcanic eruptions. You can relish on some Turkish delights like Baklava and Turkish tea here. For the trekkers and hikers, you can visit the pigeon valley.

Besides this amazing tourist attractions, you can spend shopping at the grand bazaar or the Egyptian bazaar shopping for spices and masalas, collecting souvenirs with Persian and Egyptian influence. For complete relaxation, just hire a car and indulge in the exotic Hamam bath or the Pamukkale hot springs.

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