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Car Rental in Macedonia

Rent a Car in Macedonia

Drive your way through the roads of Macedonia on the most exotic vacation with AddCarRental.

The Republic of North Macedonia is a breathtakingly beautiful landlocked country. The country has natural and cultural attractions in abundance which makes it a must-visit place for tourists.

Now-a-days travellers or people planning for a vacation are on the search for places that are less travelled yet give them an experience of a lifetime. You will be surprised by the rich culture, flora, and fauna this country holds in store on your visit.

The country is clearly defined by geography with a central valley formed by the Vardar river and framed along its borders by mountain ranges. It is gifted with the beauty of three natural lakes: Ohrid, Prespa, and Dojran.

The easiest way to travel on your vacation to Macedonia is to rent a car.

Rent Your Car To Explore Macedonia

Macedonia has embraced a modern and European lifestyle. They have rooted in their ancient culture. Yet, as a country are quite advanced in development and technology.

  • Skopje

    The capital city of Macedonia is considered to be its cultural hub. It is a perfect illustration of how the country has maintained a striking balance between old and new. Rent a car from Skopje airport and visit the stone bridge that connects the new city with old Ottoman quarters.

  • Matka Canyon

    You can take a short drive when you rent a car to Matka that is only 17 km south-east of Skopje. It provides amazing adventures like kayaking and rock climbing. It is home to many caves and you can relish amazing food in the serenity of calm waters.

  • Ohrid

    This is the largest town along lake Ohrid. It has been recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site for its cultural significance. You can visit Tsar Samuil’s Fortress, the 13th century St. Clement Church and the Ancient Theatre on your visit.

  • Mavrovo National Park

    If you are planning a fantabulous vacation in the cold months between November to April, you will be treated with snow-clad mountains and an amazing skiing experience. For the warmer months, lush green mountain ranges and an unforgettable time in the lap of nature can be spent here.

AddCarRental offers the easiest options for online car booking. Your vacations need to be relaxing and you definitely don’t want to waste time when you hire a car. We offer the best car rental deals and that too throughout Macedonia.

Book a car and add Macedonia to your bucket-list today.

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