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Car rental in Budapest – Hungary  

Going to Hungary? We understand why. The country has a diverse culture and a fascinating history that dates back to the Roman Empire. Hungary is also known for thermal baths where you can swim in naturally hot water all year round.   Renting a car is an easy way to get from A-Z at your own pace. If you arrive by plane, the car can be ready for you in Hungary airport. From here you are free to go to beautiful Budapest or experience other sides of the country apart from the capital city.  

Requirement for renting a car in Hungary

If you plan on renting a car in Hungary you can do it online either with the rental company directly or via a travel website. Most companies like addCar Rental require that you have had your driver’s license for at least two years to rent a car. Your driver’s license must be valid and if it is not written in latin-letters you must also bring an International Driving Permit (IDP). Also, if your driver’s license does not show your picture, you must bring an IDP. With addCar the minimum age for renting a car is usually 25 years but it depends on the type of car you rent.  

When you book a car, you must use your own credit card, i.e. with your own name on it. Debit card payments are not accepted for reservations and payments. And how about insurance? Do you know if your insurance company covers rental cars? If they don’t, addCar offers a cheap insurance package deal.  

Speed limits in Hungary are: Town and city: 50 km/h. Open Roads: 90 km/h. Motorways: 120 km/h.  

Types of rental cars With addCar you can find a wide range of vehicles - everything between budget cars to SUVs and luxury models. If you have special demands or wishes for instance regarding the transmission – manual or automatic – you should make your reservation as soon as you know your travel plans. The most popular car types may be sold out during peak season, which will limit your options. See the available cars in Hungary, click right here   Top tips for renting in Budapest (Hungary) addCar makes it easy for you to rent a car in Budapest. When you book the car, you also choose the pick-up time and date, so when you arrive in the airport, the car will be ready for you. The drive to the city center takes about 35 minutes. If you want an insider’s guide to experiences, feel free to ask the staff in the addCar office, they will be happy to help and guide you.  

Renting a car when arriving in Budapest by plane will give you the option to go directly to the city center or to take a drive around the country and experience what else it has to offer. You can choose between many types of rental cars according to your needs, your travel plans and your budget. If you have any doubts, you can always ask the staff at the addCar office about information or inspiration. Have a nice trip.      

FAQs about renting a car in Hungary  

How much does it cost to rent a car per day?

On average you can rent a standard car for 10.000 to 20.000 HUF (approximately 30 to 60 USD) per day. The price varies depending on the type of car you want and what time of year you are going.  

How much does it cost to rent a car for a week?

The average cost to rent a standard car for a week in Hungary is around 60.000 to 120.000 HUF (approximately 180 to 360 USD). Of course the prices can vary depending on the type of car and the season so it’s recommended to book in advance to get the best possible rates.    How much does it cost to rent a car long-term for a month? Depending on the type of car and the time of the year the average cost to rent a car long-term for a month is around 120.000 to 24.000 HUF (approximately 360 to 720 USD).  

What do you need to rent a car in Hungary?

When you rent a car in Hungary you must have a valid driver’s license that you have had for at least two years. If it is not written in Latin letters or does not show your picture, you must also bring an International Driving Permit. You cannot reserve or rent a car with a debit card, you must pay with a credit card with your own name.  

It is advisable to have insurance to cover you, passengers, other road users and the car. You may be covered by your own insurance, otherwise you can buy insurance from addCar. When you pick up your car, you bring the documents to prove your identity (passport), your valid driver’s license and rental agreement.

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