Starting an

addCar Franchise

addCar franchise model is simple and proven – addCar has created a system that delivers the infrastructure, sales channels and administration system that enables dynamic professionals to flourish


addCar is now among the fastest growing and most respected independent franchises. We particularly focus on delivering high quality at affordable prices. We work almost entirely through brokers and on-line travel agencies with high focus on customer quality. As a franchisee of addCar you will be given personal support from industry experts based on unrivalled technology and network.
- Kristian Kirchheiner CEO and founder of addCar

Franchising opportunity

addCar has 15 years of experience in car rental business and has franchisees in Europe, Africa and the Americas. When starting with addCar you will be given advise and support from experts in the industry. We are currently open for new applications in many parts of the world.

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We are looking for innovative car rental companies with vision and ambition who want to grow on an international platform.

We are offering a complete solution to car rental companies and entrepreneurs with a vision, ambition, and passion for customer service, who want to grow their business and want to achieve greater goals. The complete package consists of reservation system, payment system, contracts with brokers and OTA, claim handling, quality system, revenue management and much more.

We connect independent, local car rental service providers around the world to an international platform of sales channels. You need to be

  • Customer focussed
  • Able to provide high customer quality service
  • Either already have an independent car rental company or be an entrepreneur willing to invest time and money

Revenue management support

  • Our revenue management team will set up rates, availability, extras, excess and deposit amounts in our reservation system
  • We will monitor your competitive position on a weekly basis and give you advise on rate changes
  • On a monthly basis we will project target forecast for the next 3 months
  • We will do long term projection

IT system and Sales Channels

  • Our reservation system is Jimpisoft
  • Our system is based on XML with connection to most brokers in the world. However, you cannot expect to be included with all brokers from the outset.
  • Our system allows instant update of rates, extras and availability
  • Our own web site is an important sales channel. It is built for speed and offers a customer experience that is second to none. Our goal is to provide consumers with as much information as possible up front so that they can make the best car rental decision.

Training & development

  • We will give your team full training in running car rental the addCar way. Franchisees enjoy a full range of training services that have been developed to meet the varying requirements of today’s business market.
  • We also have a full library of specially targeted video instructions for your free use

Please contact for more information

Services and Products

Our service offering consists of a reservation platform, brokers and OTA, claim handling, quality system, revenue management and much more.,

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The full franchise package consists of:

  • Use of the brand name addCar
  • Connection to some of major brokers and OTA
  • Inclusion in
  • Access to reservation system
  • Complete set up of your business in our reservation system
  • Training in the use of reservation system
  • Rate and availability management
  • Payment system
  • Quality system
  • Call centre
  • Best practise instructions
  • Help desk
  • Claim handling
  • Monthly follow-up meeting with Franchise manager
  • Bi- annual follow up meeting with addCar Management
  • Yearly franchisee conference

Operational and Administration Support

  • We will provide full support in all operational and strategical aspects of your business, providing support and assistance as and when required.
  • Each location is monitored individually by an account manager in charge by capturing vital operational support, fleet utilization, meeting targets, quality management, claim handling, call centre
  • We will invoice and collect brokers and OTA on your behalf for prepaid reservations
  • We will make a monthly statement and remit money to you
  • We prepare a monthly report which will be discussed with your account manager
  • The general idea is that you should concentrate on providing excellent service at affordable prices and then we will handle most of the administration for you.


franchise fee normally starts at 10000€ with a monthly commission and varies depending on size of market, competitive environment etc.

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Following franchises are now open for application:

Currently addCar is open for applications around the world. Please read more to get information on which locations are open and what the procedure is.

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Currently addCar is open for applications for these countries

  • Switzerland
  • Hungary
  • Slovakia
  • Scandinavia
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • South Africa
  • USA
  • Far East

If your country or city of desire is not currently on the list please don’t hesitate to contact our franchise team on for more information.

Further information:

Acquiring an addCar franchise is a big decision that requires thoughtful consideration. Click Read More for further information.

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For any questions you can contact our franchise team on or call Ruvin Tafej on:+46101994126. We have franchise managers in Central and Northern Europe, France and in the Americas ready to take your call or mail.

Services and Benefits
Help with starting a franchise

You will be given full support creating a business case and assistance from industry experts

Franchise Launch Package

You will be given full support creating a business case and assistance from industry experts

Marketing and Sales support

In connection with brokers addCar is launching several sales campaigns during the year and run many discount agreements

Quality Management

You will be given report and feed back on the customer perceived quality and your success depends on that.

Revenue Management

Our revenue management team monitors rates for you on a weekly, monthly and on long term basis to ensure your competitiveness


Prior to start your will be given full training in use of our system and we have support team to answer any questions


We will prepare monthly statements, issue invoices, make report etc. You just need to concentrate on providing the best service.

web page

Our state-of-the-art website works both as a sales channel and as your visiting card.

Questions and Answers

Do you have any Questions?

A franchise agreement gives you the right to act legally using a company's brand name and established business model.
As a franchise, you can work independently and also have the support and recognition of a franchise brand. The franchise business helps with an international commercial platform
Usually, it takes around one month to complete the approval process and complete the legal documentation to begin operations. Below is a detailed overview of the process:
1. Fill out our Franchise Inquiry Form
2. Once received, your completed application will be reviewed by our Franchise team
3. If you have an existing car rental company, we will most likely meet with you to discuss details.
4. A term letter will be issued outlining the details of your franchise agreement.
5. You will receive a franchise disclosure document that provides more detailed information about our franchise opportunity.
6. A license agreement that needs to be signed will be sent to you. Upon receipt, you will be responsible for paying your initial franchise fee.
You will be given on-line training in the use of our reservation system and have full access to our library of video tutorials. We also have a help desk to support you.
The contract is long-term with the option of extension (subject to development targets).
Yes, a defined area is defined in the contract and is exclusive to the successful franchise.
The initial investment depends on the size of the market, fleet requirements and the cost of doing business in your area and most of all if you are already an established car rental company.
It varies based on a number of factors, such as the territory you obtain the franchise for, the potential fleet size, potential for growth, tourism industry size and the economic conditions of the market. Our franchise management team will be able to answer that.
The main obligations of the agreement are:
1. A yearly target must be met
2. Quality minimum criteria
3. Minimum fleet and key positions
4. Monthly fee declarations
5. Signage and uniform standards
There are no specific vehicle make or model requirements, except that all vehicles must not be older than 3 years with maximum 60000km. We have a Service Level Agreement detailing minimum criterial for cars, shuttle service, and many other quality standards.
Please send a short email to with all your contact details, company name and country of interest. We will then contact you with the next steps and requests for additional information.

If you have any questions, queries or show interest please contact us at