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Is it cheaper to rent a car at the airport or in the city?

If you plan to make a road trip to a European country in 2022, check our tips to find a perfect vehicle to rent.

The average price for downtown and airport car rentals

When you visit countries in Europe, you always ask yourself: should you rent a car in the city or at the airport? In most cases, it's 26% more expensive to rent a car from the airport rather than in the... Read More

How much is a rental car per day?

In 2022, make beautiful holidays for your next trip and rent a car for the day. Read our guidelines to know everything about the cost and what budget you will have to avoid any problems during your stay.

How much does it cost to rent a car in the United States?

If your next destination is Miami, book your vehicle now with addCar. With our experts, renting a car is cheap, and you... Read More

What Do You Need to Rent a Car?

Before you rent a car in any location, you must consider the Covid-19 pandemic and be aware that each country has different regulations and requirements. In this blog post, addCar Rental will show you what you need to rent a car. Scroll down, and read more.

1. Meet the Minimum Age... Read More

Understand How Car Rental Insurance Works

car rental insurance

It is established that availing car rental services for your trip or on a vacation is one of the best ways to travel. It offers a lot of comfort and flexibility which makes you have a fulfilling experience of the journey.

Everything is a cakewalk until the time you encounter a problem. And, everything comes crashing down if you meet with an accident or there are some damages and you do not have... Read More

Fuel Policy of Car Rental Companies

Car rental Fuel Policy

Traveling becomes extremely convenient in another country or on a vacation when you avail of the car rental services. The perks of making your vacation flexible by choosing between flights and driving the car by yourself can be accomplished intermittently. You can give yourself the freedom to plan the itinerary without any restrictions and the burden of having to navigate your way to and from your home.

Car Rental: A Smart Choice for Travelling During the Pandemic

Car Rental: A Smart Choice

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit on a global level making life difficult for all and its been a while since the only way to be safe was by staying home. But, slowly and steadily the situation has become manageable and people are making peace with the new normal by wearing face-covering/ face masks, using hand sanitisers, maintaining social distancing, etc.

These trying times have taught us that no... Read More

Road Trip Essential in the “New Normal” Era

The Coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic has lasted for quite some time and we do see little hope at the end of the tunnel with vaccines being developed and medications showing its effect.  

Covid-19 crisis has brought humanity together on a global level and some safety measures like social-physical distancing, wearing a mask, frequently using sanitizers, and washing hands have become the new... Read More

addCar Rental: Covid-19 Updates on Car Rental

The world is struck by the pandemic spread by Coronavirus and it has created havoc. People around the world are shaken by the loss of their dear ones. This has resulted in many travel restrictions being imposed. Traveling via local transport or even taking a flight has become a risky affair. The best option today is to rent a car with car rental services that are committed to maintaining rigorous cleaning protocols including deep cleaning of the vehicle... Read More

Plan Your Perfect Vacation In Exotic Macedonia

Plan Your Perfect Vacation In Exotic Macedonia

Vacations these days are a perfect escape from stress or boredom we experience in daily lives. With the change in lifestyle, today’s tourists have different expectations when they plan a vacation. There has to be relaxation, adventure, comfort, picturesque locations all packaged in a single trip. 

While this demand has ascended, people are also looking for places that add value or quality to their lives. It’s... Read More

Visit the most enchanting places in Malta

enchanting places in Malta

Travelling sets you free. You realise how much more there is to explore in the world, and how little we know. When you decide to travel to Southern Europe, one place that you must not miss is “Malta”. The serene country Malta is as picturesque as it can get, and it holds an unforgettable sight out of the window when you wake up each morning in Malta.

Malta has for long been at the top of tourist attractions with... Read More

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