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Hire a Car in Slovakia

Car Hire in Slovakia

Once part of Czechoslovakia, this mountainous, somewhat sparsely populated country has much to offer visitors. Known for its national parks, scenic hiking trails, and hundreds of caves — some of which are UNESCO-protected sites — Slovakia is a dream destination for outdoor lovers.Rent a Car in Slovakia to Enjoy the History of Slovakia and Get the Best Car Rental Deals.

Slovakia's open-air museums offer a unique chance to discover the folk traditions of the country, while a visit to Bratislava will give you a chance to experience a vibrant city touched by a dark history.

1. Get Your Fill of Fairytale Castles and Palaces : Slovakia is home to more than 100 castles — some still standing in all their glory, some in ruins, and many somewhere in between.

A popular filming stage for historical and fairy-tale movies, the 12th-century Bojnice Castle started life as a fortress, and over the centuries became a stunning Romanesque royal residence with Gothic and Renaissance touches. Bojnice stands on a hill that overlooks the town and is one of the most visited castles in Europe.

2. Try Alpine Skiing with a Twist : With so many snow-covered peaks around, it's no surprise that Alpine skiing is very popular in Slovakia. In many ski resorts around the country, however, sports aficionados are combining their love for sliding down slopes with climbing up. Known as uphill skiing, the practice requires people to walk up the snow-covered slopes before they slide back down at full speed. This requires special bindings added to the skis to avoid sliding, more or less transforming the skis into long snowshoes.

3. Visit Open-Air Museums : There's no better way to learn about the cultures that shaped a nation than through living museums, where history truly comes alive, and you get a chance to step back in time.

The largest ethnographic open-air exposition in the country, the Museum of the Slovak Village is a stunning example of traditional folk architecture

4. Discover Nature at Slovak Paradise : The Slovak Paradise National Park might not be the largest park in Slovakia, but it's certainly one of the most famous and at the top of the things to do while visiting the country. A whopping 19 nature reserves, over 350 caves, and hundreds of canyons and gorges are located within the park.

5. Walk the Streets of Bratislava : Slovakia's capital is a small city of just half a million residents, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot to see and do here. In fact, Bratislava is well known as a great destination for art and history lovers, a great place for foodies to visit, and a photographer's dream.

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